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Here’s how we can help you get a chatbot up and running to help grow your business.

We find that our clients benefit from two types of services:


Leveraging pre-existing marketing templates focused on your business type


Obtaining a custom-built chatbot specifically created for your customers and business needs.

You can select a messenger template designed for your industry. This is a great solution for small and local businesses who want to obtain a chatbot quickly and on a budget. We offer templates for a variety of company types including:

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Our skilled team have over 25 years of development and marketing experience.
That means: -We have the latest tools to build the most cutting-edge chatbots…
-But we also know the fundamentals of marketing and communications.
Using an effective 4-Step Process, we can create a chatbot messenger flow designed specifically to fit in to your company’s overall marketing strategy.

Here’s our four-step process to building a better bot:


Someone from our team will meet with you and discuss the skeleton of your bot, its tree of options, and how to maximize its efficiency so it yields the maximum results for your unique business and offer.

- We determine: Who your ideal customer is … and what problems you need to solve for them;
- What value can you offer them QUICKLY that will help start building a positive relationship. And how to keep nurturing that relationship through intelligent but simply automated communication and content;
- Where your ideal customer spend time online/offline … and how to better reach them; and
- Your financial goals, including budget and revenue/acquisition expectations At the end of this phase, we can share high-level messaging wireframe and build our work strategy.

Step 2. Create & build

We take the info we’ve gathered in Step 1 and create the content required to activate and deploy your chatbot, including:

- Facebook page/Your Website set up with branding and CTA’s
- Lead magnet content creation – Info PDF’s, Videos, Case Studies, etc.
- Text copywriting for messaging flow, including emojis, animated gifs, videos, etc.; and
- Video production including scripting, videography and editing.

Step 3. Build Automated Flows

We use the wireframe and content to bring your bot to life. Steps include:

- Setting up your third-party bot software account, Many Chat
- Integrating it into your Facebook page
- Setting up all welcome messages and integrations to your third-party CRM, e-mail, calendar, and webinar systems.
- Following defined wireframes. Creating flows and sequences.

Step 4. launch & drive traffic

In this final, critical step, we help develop an advertising plan that will drive more people in your desired customer group to your site or Facebook page, so your new chatbot can talk to them and help you make more sales!

Are you ready to grow your business by leaps and bounds with the help of an AI-powered chatbot? 

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